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Brick panels are common in places that are cold. Bricks are capable of heat insulation and can provide extra warmth in your house. That is why it is commonly used in fireplaces and chimneys. Other than the mechanical heaters, bricks are used as an alternative to keeping your home warm and cozy.

Brick features add value to any home. It is alternatively used for cement because it offers more than its basic functions. It increases the property’s value. It also gives a vintage and rustic look that is very ideal for old-fashioned folks.

Repointing brick and tuckpointing are methodologies that rehabilitate and repair the walls. It enhances the beauty and ensures that the brick installations remain secured and sturdy again. Having to repoint the brick walls can extend your brick features at your home or commercial buildings durable for years. When old mortars are damaged, that is the time to renew and remove them. Old mortars, when not addressed properly can lead to a damaged interior or worst, a total collapse of the wall. That is why repointing of old mortars is important. Tuckpointing on the other hand includes using two or more colors of mortar pigments used to compliment and give that more rustic and vintage look. Using two contrasting pigments makes the brick look fresh but retains its vintage vibe. The contrasting pigment is applied in between the bricks to create a fine line that seemingly connects the bricks with each other.

The most common need for tuckpointing and repointing is natural cracks that occurred from earthquakes and strong ground motion. Many century-old buildings for example have undergone serious natural disasters that there may be cracks and misalignment in the bricks. Sometimes, major repairs are required to ensure that the building is still livable and safe. That is why our brick mason’s expert assessment is important because many lives may be at risk. Poor assessment of the building and the walls and foundations may lead to serious multiple injuries.

We know that tuckpointing is a tedious job. But despite that, our expert masonry contractor can surely do the job for you.

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Tuckpointing and repointing are both technical part of brick masonry restoration and repair. In Charleston Brick Mason Pros, we employ the best methods and techniques that are beyond the industry standard. Using the latest tools and equipment, our experts are able to bring the best quality output that not everybody can offer.

We also specialize in tuck pointing and repointing. Our expertise allows us to work with the smallest turnaround timeframe. This is why our timeline is short. We know that timely masonry work is competitive work. That is why we focused our training on doing the job in the fastest way possible and without any errors.

With this method and goal, you do not have to prolong the agony of dusty and messy floorings. Our masonry contractors can make any project in the fastest way possible.

We have a team that can cater to any requirements, either a household or commercial tuckpointing. Regardless of size, we can finish any project on time.

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Here at Charleston Brick Mason Pros, you are sure to receive only the best masonry services. We cater excellent driveway pavers, brick mailbox, brick veneer installation, retaining wall, patio pavers, masonry repair, tuckpointing, and brick wall repair services.

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