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Retaining Wall, Charleston SC

Have you ever seen a property on a hillside or a slope? The retaining wall keeps these properties from standing without collapsing. These walls are built to support the foundation of the building from the thick soil that is pressing on to the property and holding the ground back. But retaining walls can also be utilized in the garden or backyard. Most often, retaining walls are used in landscaping and gardening. In whatever situation there is, your retaining wall must be durable and meets the required thickness and material to support the weight of the soil that is pressing on to it on the other side.

Why Build a Retaining Wall?

There are many uses and benefits of a retaining wall. Stability is brought by retaining wall on terrains that have slopes and hills. Of course, not every property is built from the plain and straight ground. Some luxurious hotels, for example, are built atop hills. This provides the property with an amazing view of the landscape from a distance. The most common use of retaining walls are basement rooms which are completely covered with soil. In this case, a strong and durable wall must be built to support the foundation of the property without breaking. In addition, a retaining wall should help in keeping the moisture of the ground from getting into your property. During typhoons, the ground soil can be soaked with a lot of water making it heavier. In these cases, the retaining wall should withstand the pressure of the heavy soil and keep the property intact. If yours is damaged, we offer brick wall repair service.

Retaining walls can also help in giving a more straight and leveled ground on the hillside. That means, you can put your property on top of the hills and can still give that ground balance. It can also be used as a centerpiece in your garden or landscape projects. It is always great to see a balance between the design of your garden and the ground with a small solid centerpiece.

Our Expertise in Retaining Wall in Charleston

Building the best brick and/or stone retaining wall, our team of highly qualified experts will make sure that the best and industry top picks materials are used. That way, your retaining wall will be as durable as any hard rock out there. The assurance of safety, security, and quality from our masonry expertise will incorporate the best methodologies and techniques for your brick wall repair and construction needs.

Trusting us means keeping you away from harm and putting you and your families’ lives from years ahead with peace in mind. Because that is how we only know the business. Nothing must keep you from building your dream home, or completing your garden or lawn. We make strong, durable, secure, and aesthetically-sound designs of retaining walls to solve any terrain and slope challenges. Our brick mason experts are trained and equipped with techniques and methodologies to overcome any terrain challenges. We also have state-of-the-art equipment and tools that will help in making every project integrated with safety, superiority, and durability. This includes weatherproof outputs that can withstand any storm, floods, strong winds, earthquake, or anything there is.

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