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Brick Veneer Installation, Charleston SC

For many years, the brick veneer has been used for almost any structure. May it be a museum or schools or residential houses. One of the best things about bricks is that their timeless style surpasses the restricting designs. More so, as the building ages, the bricks become naturally worn out which gives the vintage and rustic feels. If you are an old-fashioned person, you will surely love the rustic look of old brick veneer walls. You can also opt for a variety of think brick options for your fireplace, chimneys, tall wall facades, and outdoor grills. The good thing about brick veneer is that its style is flexible and different styles may fit your preference. Our masonry contractors can help you with your needs.

The Charm of Stone and Brick Veneer in Charleston

Thin bricks have gained increasing popularity through the years. For one, thin brick is durable and cheap. It also brings economic benefits. Current applications include the use of think bricks in household and commercial establishments. There are many varieties of think brick veneer. However, there are four basic installation methods to categorize any project’s approach:

  • Thickset – this method requires a thin brick and a coat that will act as a bond to the mortar or the section where the brick will be applied. Thickset requires a layer that will reinforce the think brick when installation begins.
  • Thin-set – A thin modified mortar is used as a reinforcement to the thin brick. The reinforcement is greatly reduced. Usually, it is used for walls that receive less pressure and stress.
  • Modular Panel Systems – this method uses a mechanical modular panel that is usually made from strong materials such as metal or steel. Some also use stiff foam materials for insulation and wood for extra layers.
  • Prefabricated Panels – precast concrete panels where the thin bricks are preinstalled to minimize the work time. Usually, these relatively large panels are placed and installed on to walls and secured with cement.

One of the most popular brickwork is the brick veneer installation. This helps to retain the wall more stylish and infused with a contemporary and rustic vibe. Brick veneer installation is one of the most modern methods of protecting the walls. One of the good sides of brick veneer installation is that it brings style and cozy feels to the owner of the house. Although it looks simple, installing a think brick veneer is not a job for everyone. It is surely technical work as there are a few points and techniques that should be followed and employed. Having these techniques and skills at hand makes the masonry work more time and cost-efficient.

Brick Veneer Experts in Charleston

Our brick veneer installation is guaranteed with high quality and precision. At Charleston Brick Masonry Pros, our expertise focuses on two things – quality and style. We treat every project our own and that no mediocre jobs are acceptable. Our professional service can create you the façade that you are wanting for years. We can provide you with a portfolio that shows our various projects with our past clients. We pride ourselves on projects regardless of size. Give us a call and we can get it done immediately.

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