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Building the value of your home should be your priority. It does not only give your guests a happy stay, but it also provides your family shelter and a safe place to grow and live. Remember that your home is where you nurture your children. Their growth does not only depend on how you nurture them but the place they live in counts a lot too.

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In Charleston Brick Mason Pros, we make sure that you get the value that you are paying for. We build more than a house; we build you a home. Our team of brick mason experts will help you with every brick repair and installation needs. Our masonry contracots guarantee a high-quality output that is value for your money. We also provide the most competitive pricing and masonry construction packages. With our years of experience in the brick mason industry, we can give you the dream house you always wanted.

Our Masonry Services in Johns Island, SC

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Retaining Wall


Patio pavers


Driveway pavers


Brick mailbox

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Masonry Repair


Brick Veneer Installation


Tuck Pointing

Retaining Wall

Our brick masons specialized in building a retaining wall for your interior or exterior needs. Retaining walls can help in your landscaping needs or even in supporting your property on a slope. It is specially designed to support the wall of your property from the stress and pressure coming from the ground. With our expertise and modern techniques, our experts can build you an extra durable wall that will surely last a lifetime.

Retaining Wall

Patio Pavers


Extending your property makes it more livable and spacious. This extended space can be used for many purposes including recreation and formal outdoor meeting areas. Having a patio allows you to host an outdoor barbecue grill or even an outdoor movie theatre setup. Our patio pavers can help you make your dream patio.

Driveway Pavers

Make sure to never leave your driveway unattended. By building and rehabilitating your driveway, you can make sure that your car’s tires are well-taken cared off. The driveway is also a reflection of your house’s general beauty. It is the heart of your house and should always be kept clean and tidy. Our masonry restoration includes driveway makeover.


Brick Mailbox


Your mailbox should not be left out. Remember that the mailbox is the first element that your neighbors see while driving or walking in front of your house. Make sure to consider building a brick mailbox as it does not only give the aesthetic that you want but also the functionality and durability that it requires.

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Masonry Repair

Masonry repair is a very technical task. Leave it to our expert and we can do just about anything for you. From brick wall repair, chimney repair, mortar repair, brick crack repair, to masonry crack repairs, we can do it. Our Masonry repair services are extensive and that is because we specialized in masonry services.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation


Having to install bricks onto your walls improves the quality and aesthetic value of your house. Brick veneer installation is a modern method of putting thin sheets of bricks on to your walls. May it be brick or stone veneer installation, we can do the job for you.


Having an old brick wall can mean repair and rehabilitation. Through the years, the mortars and the bricks can be damaged due to natural wear and tear. Exposure to moisture, water, and heat makes it brittle through time. Our team of experts has the exact knowledge and skills to rehabilitate your brick walls so it will retain their rustic vibe while retaining their durability.


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Charleston Brick Mason Pros is the best in local brick mason in your area! Our masonry contractors offer outstanding retaining wall, brick veneer installation, patio pavers, masonry repair, tuckpointing, driveway pavers, brick mailbox, and brick wall repair services.

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