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Masonry is not for everyone. Having to do it on your own without the proper tools and know-how can lead to substandard and often risky outcomes. When it comes to building your home, you need to make sure that it is built by the hands of an expert. Charleston Brick Mason Pros can provide you with any brickwork and stonework you need.

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Using the most modern construction materials and techniques, our masonry contractors can build you the dream home that you always wanted. Allow Charleston Brick Mason Pros to give your home a new life. The timelessness and the alluring old-fashioned brickworks will surely give your property that added value. Our expert masonry contractors can do masonry construction services and repairs.

We are just one call away from building your dream home. Our organization values your time and money. As our commitment, we provide competitive pricing that will surely fit your budget. Let us and our masonry experience and knowledge bring you the most professional masonry service.

Our Brick Mason Services in Summerville, SC

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Retaining Wall


Patio pavers


Driveway pavers


Brick mailbox

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Masonry Repair


Brick Veneer Installation


Tuck Pointing

Retaining Wall

Sturdy and stability are two of the most important properties of a retaining wall. Remember that it needs to be built properly because it receives immense pressure from the ground. Our expert can build you that functional and sturdy retaining wall and at the same time provide the rustic aesthetic.

Retaining Wall

Patio Pavers


Give your outdoor space a new life with our patio pavers’ expertise. Our brick pavers can design you the most attractive and economical patio for your home. This way, gatherings, and any special events will be more fun if held on a patio.

Driveway Pavers

The driveway receives the most intense pressure and stress in any part of the house. The weight of the car is substantially greater than any other machines or equipment. That means your driveway must be protected and rehabilitated as needed. Our expert can pave you a driveway that is weather-proof and can endure any kind of pressure and stress from your car.


Brick Mailbox


Bad weather and strong winds can possibly blow your mailbox away. It is wise to choose a sturdy and durable type such as a brick mailbox. This way, you know that it will not be damaged easily and that your mails will be safe despite any typhoons.

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Masonry Repair

We have the most dependable team of a brick mason. Charleston Brick Mason Pros is committed to providing just about any of our customers’ masonry repair needs. We are trained and experienced in infusing aesthetic quality into the functionality of our work. Our services include chimney repair, fireplace repair, brick mortar repairs, brick wall repairs, and more.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation


Our brick veneer installation is the top service in the area. Our brick masons can do any type of installation. We also offer synthetic installation of stone panels and brick tiles. Just let us know your preference and we can surely deliver.


Charleston Brick Mason Pros is the expert in your tuckpointing and repointing needs. We specialized in restoring and rehabilitating your brick structures. We focus on minimizing the damage and restoring the class that your brick structures once have.


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Charleston Brick Mason Pros is your go-to expert for top brick masonry work. Our masonry contractors only provide excellent brick veneer installation, patio pavers, retaining wall, masonry repair, brick mailbox, brick wall repair, driveway pavers, and tuck pointing services.

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