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Charleston Brick Mason Pros will be there for you in the process of building your home. It is with our core value that we make every property a livable home and a place for growth. We believe that your home should foster the best environment that there is. Our expert will help you bring that dream to reality.

Why Choose Us for your Masonry Project in Mount Pleasant?

We offer competitive pricing and repair and rehabilitation packages for your brick masonry needs. That is the value of money we bring to your doorstep. Our masonry contractors employ the best and latest techniques to make every project timeline the shortest possible. Because we know that construction can be a pain and brings a lot of hassle. Our masonry contractors make every project as fast as we can, so you are safe from the agony of construction.

Our Brick Masons Serve Mount Pleasant with all Your Masonry Needs!

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Retaining Wall


Patio pavers


Driveway pavers


Brick mailbox

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Masonry Repair


Brick Veneer Installation


Tuck Pointing

Retaining Wall

There are a few types of walls. A house that sits on a hilly landscape needs a retaining wall. A retaining wall is built to give your property an extra layer of durability against the pressing soil from the ground. Our expert, using the latest technology and methodologies in retaining walls, can build the durable wall that you need.

Retaining Wall

Patio Pavers


Give your interior a rest and extend your living space outside. Imagine having breakfast in your backyard or by the porch. Patios are real value for your property. Having an extended walkable area surely gives you a more livable and breathable space.

Driveway Pavers

Do not let your guest see your driveway without even taking care of it. Your driveway is a reflection of oneself. While commonly hidden, a driveway can bring a lot of personality to your home. Keeping your driveway patio clean and tidy with brick pavements is a sure plus to any guest or even your family.


Brick Mailbox


Make sure that your mailbox is durable when the typhoon or any natural disaster strikes. It is important to build a brick mailbox because it is the most durable type of mailbox. Instead of settling to plastic or steel mailbox which can rust, a brick mailbox can last for years. It will also give your property the rustic aesthetic that it deserves.

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Masonry Repair

we made sure to cover all your masonry repair needs. In Charleston Brick Mason Pros, we provide superior quality services. We can do whatever repair services you need from the interior of your house to the exterior such as the garden and the outdoor walls.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation


Brick is the best façade of any house. It gives you the rustic and old-fashion look that everyone loves to see. We can build your outdoor kitchen, your fireplace, or even your interior walls using brick veneer installation. Our experts specialize in installing brick veneer to give you the best brick façade you deserve.


Do not let your old brick walls or house keep those cracks. Make sure that these bricks are still safe and durable most especially during typhoons and earthquakes. Our team of professional masonry contractors uses tuckpointing and repointing to retain the aesthetic and vintage vibe of your brick walls while ensuring their durability and stability.


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At Charleston Brick Mason Pros, you are to receive exceptional brick masonry work. We deliver the best patio pavers, retaining wall, brick veneer installation, masonry repair, brick mailbox, brick wall repair, tuckpointing, and driveway pavers services.

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