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A livable house is already home. That is the principle that we take day-in and day-out in Charleston Brick Mason Pros. We commit ourselves in bring everyone the best version of their home by being part of the rebuilding process. We value the masonry work that we treat as our craft. Through this vision, our brick masons serving Hanahan are able to make every project the best of ourselves and the people involved in it.

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The very first right thing that you need to do is to decide that you need a masonry expert. Do not commit to the mistake that others make when they do the repairing on their own. Without the proper tools and the know-how, the project that you thought will cost you less may even cost you more in the long run. Let our expert masonry contractors do the masonry work for you. Just let us know how we could be of help. It is that easy.

Our Masonry Services in Hanahan, SC

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Retaining Wall


Patio pavers


Driveway pavers


Brick mailbox

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Masonry Repair


Brick Veneer Installation


Tuck Pointing

Retaining Wall

Our retaining wall can surpass any amount of pressure on the ground. That is because we make sure that the structure is fundamentally built. Understanding the landscape and the ground composition, we can guarantee that we can build sturdy brock or stone retaining wall for you.

Retaining Wall

Patio Pavers


Everyone loves a patio because it is important to give yourself and your family a breathable space. A patio is used for outdoor events and gatherings. This way, you can use your grill freely without worrying too much about smoke. Host a party and have that afternoon wine with your family and guests.

Driveway Pavers

The condition of the driveway should receive as much importance as the dining or your bedroom. That is because your driveway is the most used part of your house. It receives much pressure with the weight of your car. It also is exposed to the harsh weather environment. Rebuild your driveway so that it can look as neat and tidy as it should be.


Brick Mailbox


Your correspondences should have equal protection. You can have a brick mailbox that will surely give that durability and security. At the same time, it can give your property that classy rustic look. Our expert can build you a brick mailbox that would surely be loved by everyone. Even the mailman himself.

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Masonry Repair

Charleston Brick Mason Pros cater to both households and businesses. If you have a masonry repair requirement, our expert masonry contractors can do the job for you. From rebuilding and repairing to entirely building a new brick wall or brick chimney and fireplace.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation


With the timeless exquisiteness of brick wall, you can give your property that rustic old-fashioned look. Our brick veneer installation service is top. We can work on installing think brick on both interior and exterior walls. Experience the best brick veneer installation service.


We can make your brickwork restore its natural beauty and durability. Our experts are trained to do tuckpointing and repointing service on any brickwork from any part of the house. We can even improve the color and the rusty vibe by choosing the right combination of mortar and sealant for your brick walls.


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Come to Charleston Brick Mason Pros for all your brick masonry needs. We offer reliable patio pavers, retaining wall, brick veneer installation, masonry repair, tuckpointing, brick wall repair, driveway pavers, and brick mailbox services.

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