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Home is where your family is. In Charleston Brick Mason Pros, we understand that your home should be the number one place where your family feels safe and comfortable. Charleston Brick Mason Pros also acknowledges that both aesthetic and safety should come together to bring every family’s dream come true. Our masonry contractors, with the technicalities and skills they have mustered through years of training and experiences in the field, will help you find and build that home for you.

Our masonry contractor experts have handled various projects from general carpentry, brick masonry, tuckpointing, masonry restoration, chimney repairs, driveway, and patio flooring repairs, among others. We do just about everything that you can imagine when it comes to masonry and brickwork.

Our business, as an honest and highly committed organization, thrives in providing the highest quality of masonry. Our experts, with their years of skill-based experience, are ready to serve both household and business owners in Charleston SC as well as the nearby areas. We also provide our clients with the most competitive pricing and masonry construction packages that allows our clients to start and actualize their dream project right away. All without draining their bank accounts. Let our masonry contractor professionals bring you the highest and most professional masonry service that you need, and we will never disappoint.

Our masonry contractor can bring your dream house to life. Be one of our happy and satisfied clients who have seen exactly what our masonry contractor can do. Precisely because our experts employ state of the art techniques and latest technologies that we are able to bring the fastest and highest quality of masonry work you and your family deserve. Give our masonry contractor a call to know more about our business and our top masonry contractors. Get started on your dream house, start building your dream establishment.

Overview of Our Masonry Services in Charleston, SC

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Retaining Wall


Patio pavers


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Masonry Repair


Brick Veneer Installation


Tuck Pointing

Slopes on a hillside is quite a problem in any construction. This requires specialized and reinforced walling to stop the earth from crushing through your property. This is particularly important in properties with basements and those households or buildings that are constructed on mountainous land.

Terrains that are full of slopes require a retaining wall. The stone retaining wall will act as a stronghold to keep the thick and heavy soil in place. This will allow the construction to cut through the slope without risking collapse. Also, this kind of retaining wall helps to keep unwanted water leakage from the soil that absorbed rainwater. 

Retaining Wall

Paving a patio is both an art and science. It requires the technical skills and an eye of an expert. Our patio pavers expert has both the skills that can employ the art and science of patio paving. Regardless of the size of your dream patio, our team can design and actualize it for you. A patio is a good place for outdoor socializing with your families and friends. Perfect for breakfast, and late-night barbecue sessions, the personalized touch of each patio design can renew your lifestyle and add a touch of grandiosity on to your lawn or backyard. Some of our clients also wanted an outdoor kitchen or outdoor baths alongside the garden which give a natural feel. 

Enhancing your driveway is as essential as building a patio. Most often, the driveway is undermined and left untouched without a professional’s help. Imagine, driving constantly on a road in poor condition. That is exactly what you are up to if you go on without fixing your driveway. A driveway is your car’s home. Either you like it or not, you are going to return and drive on to it on a daily basis. Our driveway pavers specialized in making your curb appealing on the eyes and friendly on your car’s tires. Our local masonry contractors specializing in driveway pavement construction and are guaranteed to make a good impression on your friends and guests.


Complement the theme and the aesthetic decisions of your home by having a brick mailbox in front of your yard. Building a brick mailbox is both an art and science. We do not just build mailboxes. We keep it practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Our designs catch the class, functionality, and durability of any mailbox. A brick mailbox can match anything from your well-paved driveway, your landscaping designs, the pool, or your patio. With a brick mailbox, you can also make sure that your mails are protected and weather-proofed, keeping them away from being soaked from the rain. Personalizing your mailbox is essential most especially in elevating the …

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Most often than not, cracks and small damages are the leading causes of structure breakdowns. Many owners do not see the importance of knowing and learning where the cracks are and why it occurred. In addition, while other owners are aware, they often see these as non-threats and usually were undermined. Keeping these cracks through the years is dangerous and may be life-threatening especially during a calamity or an earthquake. Our masonry contractors can help you identify these cracks and damages before they can get too serious. Know that preventing these cracks and damages from developing can decrease your repair and construction costs later on. 

Masonry Repair

Importance of Masonry Repair and Expertise

Remember that the moment you see a crack, it is time to call a mason repair and experts. Brick mortar repair is essential to keep you away from danger. Especially if you have absolutely no background in building integrity and assessing damages. It is always wiser to bring attention to the experts when safety and security are on the line. Accidents starts in the smallest details. The moment you think there is something wrong, call your local masonry contractors right away. 


One of the most modern methods of wall protection is brick veneering. Brick veneer installation allows a combination of charm brought by a rustic vibe onto your walls. The contemporary design of the brick veneer makes your home elegant and at the same time, grounded. Brick is a timeless piece and is particularly used for home improvement and aesthetic appreciation. It is also cheap and is one of the most preferred materials for construction, especially in households.

Our expert can install brick veneer on both exterior and interior. These methodologies require a few procedures to minimize …

Bricks are surely appealing because of their rustic and cozy vibe. You probably have at least one area in your home that is made from brick. Maybe a chimney place, or your outdoor walls. Some even have a tall panel of a wall that is purely made of bricks to give a contrasting tone. This can be done both indoor and outdoor. Many old-fashioned people do this to give a vintage look to their homes. The bricklayer work is a timeless piece that everyone will surely love to see.

Although sturdy and durable, bricks can still be damaged even without …


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At Charleston Brick Mason Pros, we do not just build project, we improve lives. Our organization focuses on creating a project that transforms your home. We take time to innovate commercial masonry to the best of what you can have. This way, we can make your lives a lot easier. Our masonry contractors make sure that every project is of high quality and durability. We can also give you a competitive package and pricing that will surely meet your budget. If you have a masonry project in mind, let our masonry contractor expert handle it for you.
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